Hey Guys,
Today I have something very special for you, I present you – Vittaria. As you remember, Vittaria is a product of my phantasy.
I’m writing and illustrating my new book, a phantasy Story.
And today I present you two of my characters from my new book. The first is Vittaria, the Queen of my Story. Another one is the Magier Karsegud. And the bad are the Vitnos.
As you see, I create Names in my Story, they are very crazy.
And before people comes and say that I have stolen the Name: Vittaria, here they can see that I have create all by myself.
I love my work, my new book with all their different characters and scary names.

Hope you enjoy my little Story from making of: Vittaria Design

Yours Gabi

Thank you for reading and interesting to my Designs

Vittaria Design