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Hello Customers, Hello Friends,
Now we have Spring. After a really hard and cold Winter the people are happy that we have Spring. The temperature is getting more and more. Everywhere you can see and feel the Spring. Flowers are growing up, Birds are singing and the Trees are getting their leafs. The Nature is waking up. In these Days normally the people went out to enjoy the Sun and the warm weather. But this year we have a big Problem: covid-19. So, this is the reason why the people can’t enjoy the Spring not as usually. So I thought that I bring you the Spring with nice pictures, that you can enjoy it. Wish everyone a nice trip with my pictures and please stay healthy.

Werte Kunden, liebe Freunde,

Es ist endlich Frühling. Die Sonne erwärmt alles, die Natur erwacht zu neuem Leben. Normalerweise zieht es die Menschen hinaus, bei so schönen Frühlingswetter. Doch dieses Jahr haben wir ein Problem: Covid 19
Und so dachte ich mir, bringe den Frühling zu den Menschen, mit meinen Bildern. Erfreut euch an meinen Bildern und bleibt gesund.

Viel Spaß
Enjoy it and have Fun.

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