Christmas Collection 2019

Christmas Collection 2019

Christmas Collection 2019

Christmas Collection 2019

Christmas Collection 2019

Merry Christmas

Hello World,
Wish everyone in the world a merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.
And God bless us all in this wonderful and magic time were we all stand more close then we know.
I remember my last Christmas and it was not like a wanted. The people around me were sitting and playing with their handys. I remember that I was very angry about this.
So the last years I was at Christmas alone and I felt that this is what I want. For me Christmas is a quiet time, were we remember that Jesus is born in the holy night. All the years I wanted that the family is sitting and one is reading the Christmas Carol… For me is the Story from Charles Dickens the most beautiful story. And every year I watch this wonderful Christmas Story many times. My Heart opened then for emotional and I remember all the good things that happened in my life. Many people told me.. Oh you’re alone, why? And from me comes always the same answer: I like this quiet time.
Everyone has Christmas on his or her way. Please celebrate Christmas as you like it and not like other people want it. I don’t need presents, I need Love and a peaceful time in the whole world. No war, no fighting, no stress, no angry people… So if you World celebrate Christmas, do it with your Heart, with emotions and passionate wherever you are… In that holy night we are not different people and cultures, in that holy night we are all humans who celebrate the holy night, that Jesus was born, it’s everywhere the same in that one night.

So for this special night I have create one new Collection: the Christmas Collection 2019…
And I thank God, that I’m alive, that I’m born to enjoy that wonderful earth with all the people.

I wish everyone in the world, a really wonderful, amazing, quiet, peaceful and loved Christmas time…

God bless us all

In Love and with a very big thankful to all my friends…

Be loved and blessed by
Vittaria Design

Thank you for a wonderful year 2019

Yours Gabi

Enjoy my Christmas Collection 2019

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Enjoy Vittaria Designs

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A very big thank you to all my friends and all the people in the World…

God bless you all

Vittaria Design wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2020

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